The 11 Longest-Serving US Military Weapons

1. M2 (1933)
This baby predates World War II, entering service in 1933. The M2 fires a .50-caliber round at 2,910 feet per second

2. B52 (1954)
The B-52 Stratofortress bomber carries enough up to 70,000 pounds of ordnance on flights up to 9,000 nautical miles

3. C-130 (1954)
The C-130 Hercules was a radical, and ugly, design departure from Lockheed’s previous transport aircraft.

4. KC-135 (1956)
The first KC-135 took to the air in Aug 1956, and the flying gas station has been serving America’s best jets.

5. U-2 (1956)
The high-flying U-2, famous for its reconnaissance role during the Cold War, took flight in 1956 and has received repeated upgrades ever since.

6. M14 (1957)
The M14 entered service in 1957 and was the standard rifle for U.S. Marines and Soldiers from 1959-1970

7. UH-1 (1958)
The UH-1 first flew with the U.S. Army as the HU-1 in Vietnam in 1958 as an air MEDEVAC platform.

8. M72 LAW (1963)
Capable of piercing nearly 8 inches of enemy armor from over 200 yards away with a 66mm rocket, the M72 Light Anti-tank Weapon was designed to give U.S. infantry a fighting chance against Russian armor in 1963.

9. AH-1 Cobra (1967)
Originally introduced to the military in 1967 as a stopgap solution in the Vietnam War while the AH-56 was developed.

10. CH-47 (1962)
The CH-47A Chinook entered Army service in 1962 and were deployed to Vietnam from 1965 to 1975.

11. A-10 (1975)
The beloved Warthog. The A-10 Thunderbolt II is famous for its seven-barrel, 30mm gatling gun but has also been firing rockets, missiles, and bombs since 1975

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