20mm vs Nokia 3310!who win ?

20mm vs Nokia 3310 — another epic video from FullMag! This time they are trying to destroy the indestructible Nokia 3310, one of the strongest phones ever made, with an Anzio 20mm rifle. The Anzio 20mm rifle is an American anti-materiel rifle, designed and manufactured by Anzio Iron Works. It is the first such American anti-material rifle produced for the public in 80 years, with a bore diameter of more than .50 caliber. The rifles are available in three chamberings: 20mm Vulcan (20×102mm), 14.5×114mm, and most recently, Anzio’s own particular exclusive bore, 20/50. The rifle’s default loading is the 20mm Vulcan gauge. Needless to say this Nokia is no match for this beast of a gun!

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