Afghanistan: Soldiers Survive IED Blast Apache guncam Footage

Two soldiers in a mine roller detonate and IED. The blast sends the gunner flying out of the turret. Neither the driver or the gunner were seriously injured. The 2001–2014 phase of the War in Afghanistan was the period in which the United States invaded the country after the September 11 attacks, supported initially by close allies, and eventually by the wider North Atlantic Treaty Organization, beginning in 2003. It followed the Afghan Civil War’s 1996–2001 phase. Its public aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda, and to deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power. Key allies supported the U.S. from the start, including the United Kingdom. In August 2003, NATO became involved as an alliance, taking the helm of the International Security Assistance Force. On 28 December 2014, NATO formally ended combat operations in Afghanistan and transferred full security responsibility to the Afghan government, via a ceremony in Kabul. Afghanistan,Afghanistan War,al-Qaeda,Taliban,United States,IED,Mine Roller,Army,Afghanistan,Improvised Explosive Device,OEF,Operation Enduring Freedom (Military Conflict)

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