Most CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera

From lions fighting buffalos to zebras elephants Top10s counts down the top 10 shocking animal fights caught on camera. A pair of giant buffalo are being chased by 2 lions. One buffalo suddenly becomes too brave and challenges the lions. He is then jumped on and mauled to death by the bloodthirsty lion pack. One of the dogs forces the impala into a pond. Other dogs then appear and begin to bite the impala until it is unable to move. The wild dogs then eat the impala and its unborn baby. The pack of 7 lions jump all over the buffalo and bite it. The buffalo has no escape in the vast expanse of the South African plains. The lions bite into the buffalo injuring it. However, the buffalo then runs towards a large herd in the distant herd. Most would assume that a giant hippo would beat a lion in a fight. However, this lion jumped onto the back of a huge hippopotamus. The lion then pushes on the hippos back causing it to fall into the water. Fights between buffalos and zebras are common in the wild. However, in this, a herd of over 50 buffalo attack a single zebra. The buffalos use their immense body weight in order to push the zebra into a hill. They then gorge the zebra with their horns and trample it. After watching the beginning of this video, it’s pretty clear that lions often win fights between buffalos. However, in this wild, a large buffalo and a smaller lion go head-to-head. The buffalo rapidly takes down the lion injuring it’s legs. The hyena bites into the inpala’s back, causing it to bleed out into the water. Another hyena then joins in the mauling, taking large chunks of the impala. In this video, an impala is peacefully drinking by a lake. When suddenly, a young crocodile bursts out of the water, biting the impala. The impala then drags the impala down and bites it several times. In this fight, several wild dogs hunt a gazelle. They spend a long amount of time tracing its movements before they strike. They chase the gazelle out of the wetland and drag it onto land to feast on it. A hyena then appears and begins to fight for the dead boy of the gazelle and wins.

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