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F 22 vs Su 47, Real Dogfight

There really is no true comparison as the Sukhoi 47 Berkut was a company self funded research only project. It was more or less Sukhoi’s follow up to the Mikoyen MiG 1.44 project that was canceled. When Sukhoi was working on the Berkut, their sales at the time were pretty low; so the Sukhoi 47 was dropped for funding reasons since it was self funded. This doesn’t mean if Sukhoi had Boeing’s level of Budget ceiling that the Berkut would’ve been any thing beyond it’s experimental stage. The Berkut was an amazing airplane and unique, but it lacked any sort’ve stealth that matched the F-22, much less than F-35 (which is actually stealthier than the 22). It’s reversed (counter/forward swept) wing formation gave it exceptional maneuverability, even without vector thrust. The craft was extremely aerodynamically unstable, making it a dog fight monster… in hypothesis. In reality though, the designers at Sukhoi found that the Berkut’s over all design contained massive aerodynamic flaws/problems that were hard to solve. The counter swept wing lead to very much the same revelations that the US had with it’s X29 – the counter swept wings were two weak, limited top speed, had terrible stall resistance, ect. One of the biggest issues Sukhoi reported was the reliability. The craft was capable of very strong instant maneuvers, but could not maintain them. The stress on the wings were too much, which in reality would’ve lead the Berkut to have some pretty high down time numbers for constant air-frame die-penetrate/X-ray field inspections to find all the cracks and stress risers. Coupled with actual weapon’s load out and the Berkut might’ve had a sustain turn envelope of only 5Gs simple due to the safety of the air-frame being called into question.

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