First Lamborghini Centenario on the road in Paris ( HD ) (Video)

The customer that ordered this Centenario opted for a white finish with Italian striping running down the center and blue trim. Goran Supercars happened to catch the car as it was undergoing a quick wash, meaning we get to see what it looks like before and after a thorough washing. However, would you take a car like the Centenario through a drive-thru wash? Some may freak out over such an act.


What’s the Lamborghini Centenario packing as far as power goes? Each of these Italian hypercars comes with the naturally aspirated V12 engine producing 770 hp, with Centenario stating it’s the most powerful engine they’ve ever produced. It can run the 3,351-pound car from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds and 0-186 mph in 23.5 seconds, with a top speed of over 217 mph. Aiding in the quick acceleration is the permanent four-wheel drive, which includes the new Lamborghini rear-wheel steering system.

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