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ISIS Terrorists Dress Up as Women With Makeup and Padded Bras to Flee Mosul, Get Caught Anyway

Members of the ISIS terrorist group are dressing up as women with elaborate makeup and padded bras to flee Mosul, but many have been captured by the Iraqi army and photographed.

One fighter slathered on powder and lipstick, applied eye shadow, and even added a few beauty spots, but forgot to trim his facial hair.

The Iraqi army has been catching many such actors and posted a gallery of the terrorists wearing female gowns, padded bras, and carrying women’s handbags

The Iraqi soldiers appear to have a blast taking photographs with the cross-dressing jihadi fighters.

One of the captured terrorists wore a wig, makeup, and a lacy padded bra. The disguise failed since his chest hair showed through a revealing cream-colored tank top.

Another terrorist was caught wearing a full traditional black dress and carrying a baby blue handbag. A third was caught in a red velvet dress—and a beard.

Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, was liberated from ISIS after nine months of intense combat that left the city in ruins.

The Iraqi government announced that the city was freed from ISIS in early July. According to the United Nations up to 1.4 million people live there.

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