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Kurdish female sniper dodges bullet; laughs it off

INCREDIBLE footage shows a bullet flying past the head of a fearless Kurdish fighter on the frontline in the battle against ISIS.
The video posted to Twitter captured the moment the female sniper giggled after narrowly avoiding a terrorist killer’s bullet.

In the clip, a young woman can be seen peering from a vantage point above a battlefield in Raqqa, Syria.

As she steadies her aim a bullet flies past her head and smashes into the wall behind her, just centimetres from killing her.

But instead of recoiling in horror, the fighter laughs the threat away, sticking out her tongue and crouching down to talk to those around her.

Journalist Hemze Hamza, who posted the video to Twitter, said: “Kurdish women know no fear.

“Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.”

The Kurdish sharpshooter is believed to be a member of the all-female YPG fighting group who have roughly 7,000 members.

ISIS jihadis are said to believe they will not receive a reward in heaven if they are killed by a woman – leading scores of females to sign up and fight the terrorists.

It comes as it is announced a US-backed operation by Syrian forces to capture Raqqa from ISIS will start in the coming “few days”.

Thousands of troops are ready and waiting to wipe out the sick terror cult once and for all in a daring raid on the jihadi capital in Syria.

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