Littoral Combat Ship Fires a Missile At A Drone!

Meet the independence-class combat ship US Jackson LCS-6. In this training mission, a SeaRAM missile is fired and successfully brings down the target. Check out the video from AiirSource Military on their YouTube channel to find out more. Is is a system with radar and electro-optical Phalanx CIWS Mk-15 Block, which can hit the target without any additional external information.

USS Jackson (LCS-6) is a Littoral Combat Ship of the United States Navy and belongs to the Independence class. It is the first ship of the US Navy that was named after Jackson, the capital of Mississippi .On 1 August 2011 the construction of the individual modules for the coastal combat ship began at Austal’s Modular Manufacturing shipyard in Mobile, Alabama. What are your thoughts about this USS Jackson ship and its SeaRAM weapon system? Let us know below.

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