M1134 Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle

he M1134 Stryker is a long-rang anti-tank missile carrier. It is the brigade’s primary anti-armor system, capable of defeating any armored threat even at extended ranges. The M1134 is used in Stryker brigades in separate anti-tank companies.

   The M1134 fires the heavy TOW anti-tank guided missiles. The Striker has a 2-tube launcher and elevated mast, extending 0.5 m above the roofline. It is compatible with the whole family of TOW wire-guided, optically-tracked missiles. Missiles of the Stryker ATGM have a range of about 3 000 – 3 750 meters, depending on the version. They penetrate up to 1 000 mm of steel armor behind ERA. Missiles are loaded into the launcher manually.

There is also a 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted over the commander’s hatch. This machine gun is intended mainly for self-defense.

   Basic armor of the M1134 Stryker provide all-round protection against 7.62-mm rounds and artillery shell splinters. Interior of the vehicle is lined with a Kevlar liner, which protects the crew against spalling. The Stryker has a reinforced undercarriage for a higher of protection against landmines and IEDs. There is also an NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. An add-on ceramic armor can be fitted, which provides protection against 14.5-mm projectiles. Vehicles employed in combat zones are additionally fitted with steel cages, providing protection against RPG rounds.

   This anti-tank missile carrier has a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver. Vehicle is fitted with a battlefield information management system, which links the ATGM carrier with similar vehicles and command posts. This system also provides position information through a GPS receiver.

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