M60 General Purpose Machine Gun!

The M60 machine gun was adopted by the U.S. military in 1957 and has served in five different major variations.

Thirty years ago, Warner Brothers released Stanley Kubrick’s motion picture “Full Metal Jacket.” Based on Gustav Hasford’s autobiographical novel “The Short Timers,” Kubrick brought a gritty intensity to the story that made the movie a fast favorite. It followed a young Marine known as Joker, played by Matthew Modine, as he experiences recruit training at Parris Island and then combat in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. To this day, “Full Metal Jacket” is remembered for its excellent cast, most notably for R. Lee Ermey’s performance of a lifetime in the role of GySgt Hartman.

Another memorable character from the film was Animal Mother, the squad’s machine gunner, as portrayed by Adam Baldwin. His time on screen during the second half of the movie is full of profanity-laden banter and fearlessness with one of the weapons that best represents the Vietnam era—the M60 machine gun.

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