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Metal Storm a Deadly Weapon System..

“Metal Storm” – the very name provokes a mental image of metal raining from the skies.

Which, really, wasn’t far off the mark.

Metal Storm – developed by Metal Storm Ltd. (based in Brisbane, Australia) – had the ability to fire off a staggering amount of ammunition.  The prototype projectile machine gun system (one of several systems developed) was rated at 16,000 rounds of ammunition each second.

How could it do such a thing?

So, how did the Metal Storm system avoid the traditional problem?  With a combination of projectile design and an electronic firing system – the barrel and magazine were combined as a single unit, eliminating the need for a traditional firing mechanism.

  And so, the system uses an electronic firing system – electronic impulses are sent directly to the bullets when the weapon’s trigger is pulled, which ignites them at an incredibly fast rate of 16,000 rounds a second.  Out of one barrel, that is astonishing enough – but the Metal Storm system combines multiple barrels (pictured above), and can fire bullets from several barrels at once.

So, what kind of weapons are we looking at?
First up – the 9mm stacked projectile machine gun discussed above (named “Bertha”) had 36 barrels.  As a prototype, it demonstrated a firing rate of just over 1 million rounds per minute for a 180-round burst of 0.01 seconds. Firing within 0.1 seconds from up to 1600 barrels (at maximum configuration), the weapon system gun claimed a maximum rate of fire of 1.62 million rounds per minute – and creating a dense wall of 24,000 projectiles.  Indeed, a metal storm.

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