‘Monster’ Shark Bites Great White Shark In Half Off Australian Coast

Beachgoers of the area showed their concern with one woman stating, ‘If they’re going to grab something as big as another shark, they’re definitely going to grab something like my daughter.’ Another woman felt strongly on the subject insisting that if the shark is still out there that people should not be swimming near the area.


The predator is estimated to be around 6 meters long. It’s a scary thought to think that if this shark carcass had not been caught in the floating drum line, that swimmers nearby might not have known about the predator until it was too late.

The state government says that the shark nets and drum lines are here to stay after this incident. The nets have previously been a problem due to young whales getting caught but for now the nets will remain to ensure safety of beachgoers. After seeing that shark, we can’t imagine that anyone would want to go swimming for awhile!

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