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Osama Bin Laden’s son attacks Saudi Arabia in video message as he ‘spearheads al-Qaeda revival’

Hamza Bin Laden has accused the historic founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Aziz bin Rahman Al Saud, of being a British agent, according to Arab media outlet Al-Monitor.

Osama Bin Laden’s 15th child and heir apparent has been active in al-Qaeda since the death of his father in a 2011 US Navy Seal raid in Pakistan.

Encouraged by setbacks faced by rival organisation Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, he is now thought to be spearheading an al-Qaeda revival.

“This is all about contesting who the legitimate leader of the Sunni Muslim world is,” Colin Clarke, political scientist and associate fellow of The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism told The Independent.

“It’s al-Qaeda saying that Saudi Arabia has been a British puppet for decades, and building on the narrative that they are an apostate regime.

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