Most Powerful Assault Rifle In The World 2017…

9. M1 Garand
It is the pioneer weapon of semi-automated firing machines that come in the family of rifles due to its distinctive features.
John C. Garand manufactured this gun, before whom this rifle is named. M1 Garand was designed in 1928 and has been used in some war events.
However, the most extensive use of this weapon was in World War II, Vietnam War, Iran-Iraq War, Suez War and number of other conflicts. However, the effective range of the rifle is only 450m, and speed of muzzles is only 50 rounds permit at maximum.

8. AK47
AK 47 is known as one the most smuggled rifle in this world since it has been invented.
It is also known to be the favorite weapon for the terrorists.
Is one of the cheapest guns and the first rifle used in the war sessions. Invented by Soviet Union in the year 1949.
Although, the accuracy of this gun is not much perfect, however, it is known for its reliability in unique situations.

7. M16
US is the inventor of this weapon that has invented the weapon in 1963. It is also a contemporary gun that have more speed in fire and can target a longer range.
The rate of fires of this weapon is more than 900 rounds per minutes. That’s why M16 does not get jam even after extensive firing. The effective range of this Rifle is 550m.
Moreover, the user of this weapon can attach some telescopes to increase the range of target.

6. M4 carbine
This firearm weapon was first time invented in USA, in the year 1994. Colt defense forces are the manufacturers of this gun.
It is shorter and lighter version of its parent gun M6.
It has been widely used in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
However, they have also been purchased by individuals for self-defense and to showcase. The muzzle of this weapon moves at the velocity of 910 m/s.
It is known for its accuracy, low price, and fantastic power with which it shoots the fire.

5. Tavor
This wonderful assault rifle was invented by the Israel.
This weapon was manufactured to be used in variant operations like it is very useful in hot winters and well
as moderate temperature.
This Rifle is known to make more than 900 rounds per minute.
The user can target difficult points due to the IP and laser technology installed in it.
There is a unique design style of this Rifle, which help the weapon to be stabilized easily.

4. Steyr Aug
Australia is the country in which this rifle was invented for the first time.
Steyr Aug was invented in the year 1978.
It was specially made for left handed people.
However, right handed people can use this weapon as effectively as left-handed ones.
This firing machine has the capability to be run on both rotating bolt and pistons of gas.
This gun can fire more than 600 rounds per minute and is known for its low cost.

Another world class rifle is FN FNC. It was introduced in the year 1970 by the Belgian armed forces.
The extensive use of this weapon is evident from the war against extremists in Indonesia and Niger Delta.
FN FNC is best known for its use in Guerrilla war. This gun also have gas pistons and rotating rods to be operated on.
It is a cheap Rifle have an effective range of 400m and can fire 675 rounds per minute.

France is was the manufacturer of this weapon in 1971. However, this rifle is in use since 1981.
There are five versions of FAMAS, each having distinctive characteristics.
However, G1 and G2 are most famous of them.
The most extensive use of this rifle was in Syrian civil war, Bosnian War, and Afghanistan War.

1. FN SCAR (Design: Belgium, Manufacturer: USA)
It is one of the most modern rifles being used in this world.
This contemporary weapon is manufactured for the Special Forces to perform extraordinary operations.
It was introduced in 2009 for the first time.
There are two main versions of this Rifle, i.e. SCAR H and SCAR L. 700M is the best suited range
for this weapon,
which is comparatively long range than the other guns in the family of Rifles.

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