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Top 10 Most Realistic War Movies According to Military Veterans

War movies are not always accurate. Hollywood is known to take some liberties here and there, all for the sake of selling tickets. But which war movies depict life as a soldier most accurately? To answer such a question, it’s best to look to the voice of experience. Military vets have weighed in with their opinions in an effort to find out which war flicks are the most true to life. The following are the top ten most realistic war films, according to our uniformed heroes.

00:31 #10 – Jarhead
01:04 #9 – Lone Survivor
01:31 #8 – Black Hawk Down
01:48 #7 – Full Metal Jacket
02:11 #6 – Stalingrad
02:36 #5 – Saving Private Ryan
03:01 #4 – Come and See
03:21 #3 – Band of Brothers
03:42 #2 – Generation Kill
04:05 #1 – Watch and find out!

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