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Top 5 NATO Weapon That Russia Should Fear..

1) Spike Missile: Spike is an Israel made anti tank and anti personal fire and forgot man portable missile system(ATGM) which is used by many of NATO country and which may challenge Russian tank in the situation of conflicts.

2) Type 212 submarine: Type 212 is an German advance diesel engine or non nuclear submarine which is used by German and Spanish navy. Type 212 has an API system which make it more operational with out coming surface.

3) Eurocopter Tiger: Eurocopter tiger is an NATO country made advance combat helicopter and may be used against tank or troops

4) Eurofighter Typhoon: Typhoon is an advance 4.5 generation jet fighter which can challenge Russian air force.

5) Challenger 2 tank: It is the backbone of UK’s armed forces able to challenge any advance tank in the world.

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