US Soldiers Training With Awesome French Famas!

Marines from the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force training with the french assault rifle: Famas equiped with Felin system and Sword T&D sight by Sagem.

FAMAS (“Fusil d’Assaut de la Manufacture d’armes de national St-Etienne” (“assault rifle of the state arms factory St. Etienne”)) is the various French armed forces , and the Franco-German Brigade . The rifle is a bullpup -Design and has a fold-out bipod .

By the characteristic bow reminds silhouette of the rifle away to a signal trumpet, French soldiers why the gun gave the nickname Clairon.

The mid-1960s did the French Joint Staff, the old machine gun MAT 49 and the self-loading rifle MAS 49/56 replace it with a modern and universal assault rifle. By the summer of 1970, it was agreed, M193 cartridges (caliber 5.56 × 45 mm NATO to use). In 1971, the Manufacture nationale d’armes de Saint-Etienne (MAS) on ten prototypes of the FAMAS assault rifle. After two years of testing, it was indeed found to be usable, but some details still had to be improved. However, the troops desperately needed an assault rifle and so it was decided during the transitional period, the SIG 540 use. 1977 started series production of the rifle and delivered 20,000 units of the armed forces. 1978/79 were delivered a further 27,000 or 48,000 pieces. Overall, the French armed forces were 400,000 rifles. The weapon is also in the various former colonies of France, Libya and the United Arab Emirates used.

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