Watch the Badass First-Person Shooter Style Promo For This Pistol With a Built-in Silencer

We really should have caught on to the fact there’s a killer 9mm handgun with a built-in suppressor named the Maxim 9 sooner. But Task & Purpose got our attention by highlighting the recent short film above, which was posted in mid-August by the gun’s maker, SilencerCo.

If you’ve been considering leveling up with your personal firearm game or even purchasing a first gun for home protection, the first-person shooter feel of SilencerCo’s “Behind the Sights: Maxim 9 FPS” will probably give you pause. It’s a well-made little short with a smooth, professional feel and compelling soundtrack.

Scenes swing between tense and touching. You’re a homeowner responding to an intruder in the dark. You’re a contractor or special operator attacked by jihadis—and then you’re a dad teaching his daughter to properly fire a Maxim 9.

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