13 Most Unbelievable Defense Technologies Invented

1. The PHASAR This weapon was created by the United States Department of Defense and is called the Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response Rifle. This happens to be a non-lethal light-based gun that was designed to be used by soldiers and law enforcement officials in order to temporarily cause blindness in their enemies through the use of focused laser beams. It also causes the person to become disoriented and lose their combative abilities altogether for a short period of time once stunned.

2. The CornerShot Rifle & Grenade Launcher One of the largest problems that soldiers are faced with in combat is the ability to see and shot around corners. That should be expected to change with the new CornerShot weapon that comes in two different versions—one being a grenade launcher and the other a semi-automatic pistol. This is possible due to a hinge that is placed in the middle of the gun allows the barrel to pivot to the left or right. Also, it’s mounted with a camera lets the soldier see their targets.They are currently being used in 15 different countries.

3. The Artillery Silencer This artillery silencer happens to be one of, if not, the largest silencers ever produced. This one is specifically designed to neutralize the impending sound of tanks as they’re fired. These aren’t actually used for combat, rather it’s only used when testing near civilian populations as not to disturb them.

4. The Active Denial System This happens to be another non-lethal weapon created to aid in dispersing crowds, the Active Denial System sends an invisible electromagnetic radiation beam that causes what’s described as a burning sensation on people’s skin that sends them fleeing. This is because the Active Denial system is able to heat up the water molecules located inside a person’s skin to 130 degrees Fahrenheit from as far away as 500 yards. Called the “goodbye effect” by senior military officials and a “heat ray” by scientists. There are those who label this as controversial and even individuals claiming it to be a type of torture.

5. The Digital Revolver This next weapon seems like it was ripped out of the pages of a Sci-fi comic book. The Armatix Digital Revolver is a futuristic-looking pistol that has been designed with a digital safety mechanism that can only be unlocked if the user also happens to be wearing the special wristwatch that sends the disabling signal to the gun. The wristwatch itself can only become activated once the user provides it with their fingerprint, hence, this weapon can only be fired by the owner. If stolen, it will prove useless, since the robber doesn’t have the watch or the fingerprint to activate the revolver. Gun experts claim that this is the future towards gun safety.

6. Sentient Unmanned Vehicles You’d think that after all those terminator movies that the United States military would know better than to experiment with sentient machinery but apparently not because this is exactly what they’re doing. They’re experimenting with sentient drones that have the ability to think like its human creators. It’s been pretty common that the military has been working with drones and other types of machinery but all of these have been piloted by humans that are safely out of harm’s way. Now they’re creating drones that are able to think and make decisions on their own without a human guiding them to. The military hopes this will help keep soldiers safer, while others criticize this as giving robots the free will to kill. Where do you stand?

7. The Railgun The electromagnetic railgun is being developed by the United States Navy and can fire a missile faster than the speed of sound. Its official name is the 8 Megajoule Electromagnetic Railgun because this gun is able to shoot at speeds reaching up to Mach 8, which is 8 times faster than the speed of sound, or 5,000 miles per hour. And just why would a weapon like this be needed? The Navy has plans to use it towards the protection of warships and as anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses. The Railgun’s power measures at being immensely strong, strong enough that it has the capabilities to launch an entire spaceship into orbit. The gun happens to be powered by a device called a “flux generator”.

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