ACR vs SCAR… Which one is better ?

ACR- Has an extremely even finish across all parts. No issues or defects. Has an overall flat finish.

SCAR- Has an extremely even finish across all parts. No issues or defects. Has an overall satin / flat finish.

Winner- ACR, I personally prefer the flat look of the ACR.


ACR- 8.3 Pounds Stock, 9.5 as tested*

SCAR- 7.3 Pounds Stock, 9.3 as tested*

Winner- SCAR, even with all the extra add-on’s the SCAR still came it at a lower weight than the ACR.

*Remember the two rifles tested had slightly different accessories. The Scar had a forward grip and extended front rail which added to the overall weight.


ACR- Out of the Box the ACR Grip is awesome, the grip angle is great and the texture is fantastic. It also came with a built in water tight storage compartment for 2 CR123 batteries.

SCAR- Out of the Box it has a standard AR15 grip, functional but lacking, replaced with Magpul MIAD.

Winner- ACR, I liked the fact that Bushmaster got it right straight from the factory. Not having to spend the extra money on an upgraded grip was a plus.


ACR- Not bad out of the box, however the bottom rail needs some improvement. The bottom rail system doesn’t start for 2 inches, so there is a 2 inch gap from the lower receiver to the first picatinny rail, which for someone like me who uses a forward grip as more of a hand stop; it forces you to place any accessories 2 inches out from the receiver. Minor issue but it was noticeable.

SCAR- I felt that the SCAR handguard was far too short so I installed an aftermarket rail extension, which did help but in my opinion they need to come that way from the factory.

Winner- Tie, Both rifles need slight adjustments to the handguards.


ACR- Uses standard AR15 magazines, tested with Magpul PMAGS and USGI magazines without issue.

SCAR- Uses standard AR15 magazines, Tested fine with USGI magazines however will not accept PMAGS without modification. In fact I found that you could damage your rifle by using standard unmodified PMAGS. Here is the link describing the issue and solution.  I would also like to note that the PMAGS would not drop free without modification.

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