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Apache Helicopter 30MM Cannon VS Boat full of Terrorists

This time, we’re given the onboard view from an Apache helicopter as the crew discusses what’s happening down below. The radio chatter is really entertaining to listen to as they talk about the people on the boats being chased as they’re scattering once they see the chopper up above that’s attempting to fire off a 30 mm cannon and take out the bad guys. It’s quite suspenseful to watch as we tune in from a view that really gives you the lowdown on how these guys are going about trying to get away.

Check out the video below that is your classic case of good guys versus bad guys. You can’t help but almost route out loud for the guys in the helicopter as they chase down those in the boats who are up to no good! Be sure to chime in and tell us what you think after catching a video like this that puts you right in the heat of things.

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