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Carnival Triumph cruise ship breaks free and hits another boat!

Apparently, the Carnival Triumph is just having the worst time of her life. First she broke down in the Mexican gulf and had to be towed to Mobile to get it fixed. Then it turned out, this vessel can’t even sit in a shipyard without trouble.

As powerful winds blew in, the snapped the lines and started pushing the huge cruise ship towards another vessel that is getting repaired as well.

We see little tug doing his best to push the enormous ship back towards the dock but it is no match for that strong wind, since as you can see the cruise ship is even getting tilted from it.

The Triumph dropped anchor in order to stop it from hitting the other ship but that did not help too much apparently.

Watch how two titans collide and remember, due to the size you should not expect a dynamic video, it all happens in slow-motion.

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