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China Attacks India In 2 Weeks – Ignites WW III?

The globalists want war as proven by the US Congress forcing Trump to sign on the sanctions against Russia while North Korea heats up. Meanwhile the real spark for world war III will most likely involve China against India. They have now reached a point after 2 months of heavy rhetoric against each other where there is too much to lose fore either side in retreating.

They will have to fight it out and as the elite leaders point out – this is just a beginning and the US will have to support India and Pakistan will support China. Meanwhile the South Chinese Sea will be a main theater of war.

All of this is likely to happen within 4-6 weeks in my opinion

In recent weeks the conflict at the Doklam plateau shows no signs of calming down and a few days ago Global Times, a communist controlled news outlet, reported that China will take limited military action against India within 2 weeks unless they retreat. Can India retreat and is it right for India to retreat? India has no easy position since the Doklam plateau is central to defending their northern provinces and China started their road construction in the disputed territory without asking the Indians.

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