How Deep into Dirt Will It Go?

Zombie Gunship Survival sponsored this video, which is exactly what it sounds like – you shoot zombies, from an airplane, raining down bullets while protecting your base and troops on the ground while taking out zombies. There’s a sample clip from the game, and the guns used to attack said zombies.

All this got him wondering: if you shoot bullets from the air, how deep would they go into the ground? So, Matt decides to find out by standing on a cliff, which is around 40 feet tall, and he’ll be shooting into the dirt below. He’ll be using a few guns for the experiment. He shows how it looks from the bottom of the cliff, and notes that it won’t be a straight-down shot.

He starts with the 1911 chambered in .45 ACP, shooting into the water first. He switches to a 500 Magnum, using a large revolver. Then he uses a rifle, chambered in 308 (it looks like the Demolition Ranch rifle). Then there’s the 50BMG, which he shoots three times as well.

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