The Germans believe that the tank “MBT Revolution” better “Armata” 2017″

The proposal of the German Rheinmetall group on the formulation of a concept of profound modernization of armored vehicles on existing platforms has interested representatives of the Bundeswehr. We are talking about the concept of MBT Revolution that Berlin is positioned as “the answer to the Russian “Armata”. In fact, the MBT Revolution is the modernization of the “Leopard-2”. And it is on this upgrade, and has high hopes of the German war office, which, according to “Russian newspaper” interested in purchasing from the manufacturers of new main battle tank.

According to recent reports, by 2018, the German defense industry needs to bring to the “status” MBT Revolution over 100 units of such equipment as mentioned tanks “Leopard 2”. The truly new generation of tanks will begin to mass-produced (according to German sources) not earlier than 15 years. The concept of the tank MBT Revolution was shown by the German manufacturers long before those same German manufacturers saw T-14 “Armata” (at the Victory Parade in Moscow).

MBT Revolution as modernization concept for “Leopard 2A4” were presented in 2011 at the exhibition of arms in Paris. The concept of the MBT Revolution, according to developers, is aimed at improving the protection, optimization of design, elements and components fire control. However, 4 years ago, the Bundeswehr has not considered it necessary to invest in big idea Rheinmetall, but now States that “catch up and overtake the “Armata”.

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