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Officers Who Were Caught Breaking The Law

lthough traffic violations don’t hold the same weight as other crimes, they can be equally as damaging. From racking up ticket fines to suspended licenses and even jail time, the rules of the road are not something to be taken lightly. Yet, there have been some police officers that don’t feel like these rules apply to them. From going through red lights even if they aren’t on a call to speeding unnecessarily, it’s not very often that they are called out on these kinds of infractions.

Atlanta Police Officer Melissa Nowak was called out publicly in 2015 when a video surfaced of her blatantly disobeying traffic laws. She is seen unlawfully driving the emergency vehicle, obstructing a public sidewalk, and seemingly harassing citizens waiting for public transportation. Yet, this seems to be a much larger problem, since in 2011 more than 600 Queensland officers were caught breaking traffic laws within a two year span. From weaving through bus lanes, talking on the phone while driving, and even driving under the influence, it seems that some police officers don’t feel they need to adhere to traffic laws.

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