Oshkosh JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) mounted with 30mm Cannon..

The Oshkosh JLTV, or Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, is currently in low-rate initial production and is designed to replace all Army and Marine Humvees in front-line service. The Oshkosh JLTV combines two key Oshkosh technologies with modern automotive advancement to make the ultimate military off-roader. Each JLTV features the company’s TAK-4i suspension system and Core 1080 armor system to help the JLTV go anywhere and to help protect its occupants while doing so. Core 1080 is basically Oshkosh’s method for mounting what it calls the capsule, or the body, of the JLTV to the truck’s modular medium-duty frame. The capsule consists of a blast-deflecting hull, heavy armored-locking suicide doors, energy absorbing floors and seats, an automatic fire-suppression system, and much more. The armored capsule is designed to absorb blast damage from the bottom, sides, or top, and it can even support 100 percent of the JLTV’s gross vehicle weight on

its roof. The capsule is modular to be easily up-fitted with the heavy-duty B-Kit armor, and it is designed to be easily repaired in the field, with pieces removable and replaceable with just a few bolts.

TAK-4i is Oshkosh’s newest and most advanced version of its high-pressure gas-adjustable heavy-duty double-wishbone independent suspension. More than anything, TAK-4i is what makes the JLTV tick. Fine-tuned on the Baja 1000, TAK-4i is designed to give the JLTV Ford F-150 SVT Raptor levels of comfort and speed off-road while also retaining the ability to haul a meaningful payload, fit inside military transports, and ford rivers and other water crossings. With the JLTV’s Central Tire Inflation System working together with the suspension’s 20-inches of wheel travel and high-pressure gas shocks, the JLTV’s suspension is designed to absorb all the punishment from the road allowing the four passengers (five, if you include the gunner on the optional turret) to arrive into battle comfortably and well-rested.

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