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Russian cargo plane crashes in Syria, 32 dead

A RUSSIAN plane has crashed as it was about to land in Syria killing all 32 people on board, Moscow news agencies said citing Russia's defence ministry.

The ministry was cited as saying the plane crashed as it was preparing to land at Russia‘s Khmeimim air force base in Syria‘s Latakia province.

All those on board the Russian Antonov-26 transport plane, 26 passengers and six crew members, were killed.

The statement from the Russian defence ministry said: “Around 3pm Moscow time (12pm GMT), a Russian An-26 transport aircraft crashed while coming in for landing at the Khmeimim airbase.

“All those on board died in the incident.”

The Russian military added the plane hit the ground some 500 meters from the runway and it did not come under fire before the incident.

The defence ministry is investigating the crash but it said initial information suggested the crash may have been caused by a technical fault.

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