Special Forces

US Special Forces Driving Around In Powerful MILITARY Off-road All Terrain Vehicles

These Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicles are small, side-by-side vehicles used mainly by U.S. Special Operations Forces.

The Polaris MRZR 4 vehicle incorporates a tubular frame and a conventional layout with engine in the front, crew seats in the middle and cargo compartment at the rear. The roll cage can be collapsed without tools to reduce the vehicle height.

The vehicle offers seating for four troops and can accommodate up to six infantrymen when fitted with two optional rearward-facing seats on the cargo bed. The rear modular cargo section can support the installation of up to two seats/litters or a single seat and a litter. The seats are provided with four-point harnesses with a quick-release latch. The roof can be optionally fitted with soft cover.

The MRZR 4 LTATV features bumpers at forward and rear, as well as a full poly under-body skid plate. It also has aircraft tie-downs at front and rear. The vehicle can be attached with an off-road trailer, offering additional payload capacity. Other tactical equipments aboard the vehicle include infrared (IR) lights, a cargo plate, a tactical seat, a jerry can holder and a spare tyre holder.

The vehicle measures 3.59m-long, 1.52m-wide and 1.87m-high, while the height with collapsed roll cage is 1.52m. It has a dry weight of 852.8kg and can carry a maximum payload of 680.4kg.

The vehicle comes with electronic power steering, and instrumentation including digital gauge, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, trip-meter, hour meter, clock, gear indicator, fuel gauge, hi-temp/low-battery lights and DC outlets.

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