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World’s Biggest Multiple Launch Rocket System “Jobaria”

The Jobaria (monster) is the most powerful 122 mm artillery rocket system ever built. This multiple launch rocket system has been developed in by United Arab Emirates in cooperation with Roketsan of Turkey to meet the UAE requirement. However final assembly of this system takes place in the UAE. The main goal was to put one battery of rocket launchers on one vehicle. This new multiple launch rocket system was first revealed in 2013 during IDEX exhibition held in Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates have received an undisclosed number of these artillery systems already.

The Jobaria MLRS consists of Oshkosh Global HET 6×6 heavy equipment transporter, towing a 10-wheel semi-trailer with 4 power-operated rocket launchers. Each launcher has three pods with 20 rockets each. So this artillery rocket system carries a total of 240 122 mm rockets. A single Jobaria system replaces a full battery of rocket launchers mounted on 6 trucks with a crew of 30 men. Rockets have a maximum range of 37 km. A full salvo of the Jobaria covers an area of 4 km².

Rockets are stored and launched from pods for rapid reloading and interchangeability of various calibers. Some sources claim that Jobaria is also capable of launching a total of 240 107 mm rockets, with a maximum range of about 11 km. Alternatively it can launch 16 TR-300 300 mm rockets with a maximum range of up to 100 km.

This artillery system is operated by a crew of three. Crew members are seated inside and operate from protected cab. It’s armor provides protection from small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. The cab also has NBC protection system. This artillery system is aimed and launches all it’s rockets without crew leaving the vehicle.

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